Batteries for Electric Vehicles

Constant, reliable, stable and strong energy sources for electric cars, E-bikes and Pedelecs and other electric vehicles.

electric-car-734574_1920In today’s world, a comfortable and environmentally friendly transportation is in great demand. Electric vehicles such as E-cars, E-bikes, E-scooters, E-rollers etc. require a constant, reliable, stable and strong energy sources.

Manufacturers of electric vehicles become more and more aware, how important the battery specifications are. Qualities such as dimension, weight, lifespan, safety and continuous discharge current have a great influence on the end-product, on its quality and price.

Choosing and fitting the right battery requires great deal of knowledge and experience, since a careful consideration between different balancing methods (i.e. in high/low voltage, overcharge/discharge protection etc.) is required.

ENERdan offers a complete solution in this fast growing field. Together with our partners we can offer you diversed solutions with different battery-technologies (Li-Ion and LiFePO4) . If it’s a matter of weight (in E-bikes for example), a Li-Ion battery will usually be the choice; If the requirement is a long life cycle and steady performance (in E-roller, E-scooter for example), then the LiFePO4 batteries will come into consideration.