Social and ecological commitment

We are committed!

At ENERdan GmbH we are committed to clean environment, sustainable industry and social fairness. We therefore contribute to this cause in several ways, for example:

Cooperation with Vfj Werkstätten GmbH

VfJ Werkstätten GmbH is a workshop for people with disabilities and special needs. Vfj enables around 540 mentally, psychologically and physically disabled people, a professional integration in different areas in Berlin. Certain works of ENERdan are being done by the employees of VfJ Werkstätten GmbH.
More about Vfj Werkstätten GmbH (in German) >>

Recycling of Packing Materials

At ENERdan GmbH nothing is being just thrown away! Everything we can recycle, is being used again (and again, and again): carton boxes, packing wraps and papers, plastic bags and much more. We also collect used packing materials from our neighbor companies and warehouses in the area, for a re-use.