Batteries for Power Tools

head-19901_640Lightweight, high power, long lifespan, and high capacity

The trend in electric tools is to go wireless. Manufacturers of power tools must develop and offer products with higher power and longer runtime, without increasing the size and/or weight of the products. In order to meet these demands, the batteries must have the following qualities:

  • Light weight
  • High performance and long lifespan
  • High capacity
  • Quick and safe charge
  • Ability to function in temperatures below 0°C
  • Robust structure

ENERdan GmbH offers a wide range of solutions for power tools. Our collection includes batteries for electric screwdrivers, drills, mastic guns, portable vacuum cleaners, nail guns, chirurgical saws and many more.

Traditionally, Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel-Metallhydrid (NiMH) technologies were used in this field. However, the new Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) technology introduced significant improvements in speed and performance, and became the more common technology for these uses.

ENERdan offers batteries of the latest and most advanced technology. Together with our partners we can determine, develop and offer the right solution for your needs.